Venere module™

Venere cutting system:

The cutting needle VENERE is a new revolutionary system in the embroidery industry, which allows every cut, namely every incision to be made directly on the embroidery machine.

The installation of four needles on a machine, as show in the picture, permits every kind of cut. The system consists of 4 cutting needles, which replace the regular embroidery needles. They are installed at an angle of 45° to each other (0° - 45° - 90° - 135°). Simple forms such as rectangles, rhombi, squares, etc. requires only two needles for cutting. However, with all four needles, every kind of complex forms can be archived. The use of these does not require any change in the machine. The only need is two switch off the "thread break" sensor.

To achieve this function, a running stitch which runs parallel to the embroidery must be inserted in the existing design. Its stitch length should not exceed 1mm. The cutting needle has width of 1,2mm. The cutting can be programmed independently, either before or after the embroidery. This novelty enables the embroidery companies to create special artwork in different branches with a higher quality, shorter production time and lower costs.