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Wings' modular features per module

Basic module  Text module Editing module Clipart module Cross-stitch module Venere module Digitizing module Chenille module Node Editing module Styles-Patterns module Styles/Patterns Creator module Artistic Digitizing module Designer module Font Creator module
Use up to 99 thread colors
Auto Pan functionality of the middle mouse click.
New interface and new 3D working space
Use the mouse wheel on any tool and make changes quicker
Open& Save common design formats
Icon Browser for search , manage designs and create folders
3D View & Print Design Info
Tidy Up short stitches for the entire design
Scale and Rotate objects
Change design Start/End points
Remove small stitches to improve design quality
Show stitch points and sewing simulations
Direct connection with most existing embroidery machines.
Move, delete, insert stitch
Place guideline and adjustable Grid, Crosshair
Undo, Redo, Cut Copy Paste Deselect, Select All, Invert selection
Set 3D light source
Embroidery machine/hoop simulation (slow redraw)
Split stitches or objects
Control the working area with Image Map toolbar
Insert comments to Objects
Select/Hide by objects, color, special function, stitch type and preset
Make Rectangular Arrays of your designs
Special support for the double sequins of SWF machines
Auto Density Adjustments when resizing stitch designs
Import graphics in formats: gif, tif, bmp, pcs, eps, ai, dxf, plt, jpg, cms, emf, psd  
View stitches or not while you are inside node editor        
Snapping on / off        
Use Guidelines while digitizing        
Outline node editor      
Insert shape (circle, box, ellipse, polygon, etc.)          
Drag and drop sequencing          
Trace / Erase Outlines          
Make Circular Arrays of your designs          
Choose / change from full range of underlays          
Movable entry, exit points of objects        
Digitizing with manual, running, satin, fill-step, zig-zag, and piping stitch types            
Add new objects as clones of existing ones          
Create CMYK Photo-stitch designs          
Stitch type conversions        
Many quality adjustments available for each stitch type            
Join & break apart objects          
Photo stitch          
Auto Border creation ability        
Convert stitch designs to outline designs        
Copy attributes(transformations, stitch type, properties. etc) from other objects        
Apply transformations "Weld" - "Trim" - "Intersect" on objects        
Advanced color blending: gradient on step/piping fills        
Simple Step Pattern Editor      
Lettering in line, arc, circle w/ rubber band                          
Envelope, lettering in predefined shapes                          
Add path                          
Name drop                          
Resize, rotate, distort letters of text string                          
Lettering with intelligent closest point connection                          
Includes many pre-digitized fonts                          
Alignment abilities between objects                    
Convert Step to Satin for stitch designs                    
Auto smooth uneven stitches                    
Change satin width of stitch / design                      
Change density of stitch / design                        
Complete Clipart with hundreds reusable embroidery designs                          
Create your own Clipart designs with the Clipart tool                          
Cross stitch                        
Create designs with Chenille stitch type                      
Chain / loop on any stitch type and a special version for Piping                    
Advanced nodes Editing with extra abilities                      
Add or Change Styles and Patterns to designs                    
Fill any stitch type with sequins                    
Add Sequins to designs though running or manual stitches                      
Styles with sequins are now available                    
Includes styles for Frill designs                    
Incline control on running                  
Pattern on satin / zig-zag /satin serial / piping                  
Create designs with double sequins                    
Clip on style fill                    
Pattern / style creator                    
Convert objects To styles                    
Create styles with sequins and style for frill designs                    
Special effects: vector / block / form fills                      
Continuous design preview for multi-head (56 heads) embroidery machines                      
Envelope on direction of stitches.(create objects with curved direction stitches)                      
Square end on step stitch type                    
Convert symbols to embroidery                      
Repeat offset on running                    
Cleanup expert                    
Convert Vector/Bitmap artwork into editable embroidery designs                          
Convert jpg or bmp images to cross stitches                          
Point-to-stitch vector auto-digitizing                        
Use OLE-2 technology to incorporate CorelDraw tools in digitizing                        
Create new digitized fonts from TT® fonts                          
New Font creator and editor